Nap Loungewear

nap loungewear

nap loungewear

Nap Loungewear

As a freelancer I love the idea of lounging around in my jim-jams all day. The brand new local loungewear brand Nap allows you to do just that.

“I wanted comfy,  slouchy tops and bottoms that I could mix and match as I please. I wanted a nighty so light and pretty that it could be mistaken for a sun dress. After I started selling the first few designs to my friends I noticed that people often wore their purchases during the day – even to work saying: “But it’s too pretty for pyjamas.”  So I decided to call my company Nap Loungewear instead of Nap Pyjamas.  It is my mission to educate South Africans that it’s okay to wear pretty pyjamas, even if no-one sees you wearing them. ”

That’s it, I’m officially embracing this trend and wearing my slippers to the grocery store tomorrow.

This is just a sneak peek at their lovely designs – go see the rest at

Join their Facebook page here.

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