Handsome Things believe in:

  • The return of the artisan & craftsmanship
  • Buying local
  • Great design
  • Unique handmade items
  • Living a fulfilling creative life outside of the system
  • Collaboration
  • Celebrating South African talent
  • Side projects (those passions you pursue after 5 o’clock — you know the ones that will one day make you famous)
  • Making Macramé owls, not war

Handsome Things is my little passion side-project and unfortunately I don’t have the time to answer all the emails that I get through the blog. In the beginning I answered every single one, but I soon noticed that I was spending half the day writing emails instead of working at my real job or doing the thing that I love, finding great South African talent.

The content is usually things that I stumble upon and unless I find something that I love I don’t endorse products.

If you still want to send me an email, please feel free.



Hanneke Schutte

* My aim is to celebrate and showcase all the talented people involved in a project. Please let me know if anything isn’t credited properly or if you’d like anything removed.



About me:

I’m a filmmaker and entrepreneur living in Johannesburg with my husband Paolo, my three Spaniels Yuki, Dixie and Dojo and my mixed-breed Binky-Bonkers.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, i will be in cape town from the 2 june to 12 june. Do you have a market or anything special going on at that time?
    thanks lynne

  2. Hello,

    We would love to invite you to Decorex Joburg ( 5-9 Aug). Is there a mail addy I can send you some info and such to?

  3. What a great find your blog is this time of night!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Well done, and be sure that I am a fan!
    My life motto: live in colour | love in abundance
    Everyone on this site sure knows how to live, and I love.

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  5. I am going to try and stop pressing ‘like’ all the time, and revisit your blog when I’m not so excited- to actually visit all the links and you share and take my time and add useful comments. I might become addicted to your blog.

  6. I know those side projects although in my case its more likely after eight o’clock after work after eating after putting my daughter to bed and by then I’m to knackered to start….so then it becomes something for the weekend!

  7. Hello Hanneke,

    Could you please let us know where we are able to see these lovely pieces of art?
    I have guests at our guesthouse that are very interested.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Clair,

      With each post I usually put the link to the artist/gallery’s website – you can contact the artist that way. If you’re struggling you can tell me which artist you’d like to contact and I’ll also try and get hold of him/her.


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