Artist Profile: Meet photographer Carla Erasmus

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Cape Town based photographer Carla Erasmus tells us more about her photography, influences, cameras and love of expired film.

“I have been living in Cape Town since 2009, originally born and raised in Durban. I studied  fine arts at the university of Pretoria. My fourth year I focused on documentary photography, all digital. From there on I moved to Amsterdam to work as freelance photographer for a year, in 2008 and found my love for film photography in Europe.

I now live in Tamboerskloof and I work as a gallery assistant and freelance photographer.

I have been shooting with mostly film, using beautiful old cameras and expired film dating back to 1995. This is how I get my over-saturated colouring in the images. No photoshop is ever used in my work. Not against it, but don’t need it, I get everything I need from my film.

I shoot mostly  with my Yashika, Voigtlander and  Brownie camera.

I don’t necessary see myself as a photographer, but rather as a fine artist, using my photography as medium. So favourite artists vary from Cy Twombly,  Nan Goldin, Stephen Shore, Diane Arbus, Marlene Dumas to name but only a few. Painting and photography are my biggest interest.”

See more of Carla’s photography on her blog:

Thanks Carla!

Artist Profile: Meet illustrator Hylton Warburton

Hylton is Durban-based graphic designer and illustrator. He is 25, and studied graphic design at the Durban University of Technology, majoring in illustration. During the day he works as a designer for a local advertising agency, and moonlights as an illustrator. He has been a part of the art and design scene since 2006, and loves art, music, hanging with friends, making stuff, but mostly has an obsession with children’s books.

His influences and inspirations include local talents Theory1, Adam Hill, Dustin Holmes, In The Beginning, Greg Davies as well as the international likes of Invisible Creature, Jim Flora, Lou Romano and many more. He is also largely influenced by the Children’s books he collects. He has a fiance named Chantellé, they’re getting married in July! Woohoo. They are also currently working on writing & illustrating children’s books together, so watch this space! Hylton also has a dog, a boxer, named Zoey. As an emerging artist, Hylton is updating his portfolio and website, so be sure to keep an eye out for new work!

Get your illustration fix on his flickr page:

Or get him to do your next illustration job: (hey the man has a wedding to pay for)

Thanks Hylton!

Artist Profile: Meet Nadia from Cupcake Couture

Nadia van der Mescht tells us a bit more about Cupcake Couture:

“Cupcake Couture is a small accessories brand that I started in order to create and craft.  It has grown to so much more and is now my full time focus, coupled with the digital management side of the business and the creative consulting that I do.  Each product is handmade and created with lots of love.  I imagine the person who might use it or wear it and enjoy adding each precious button and detail.  I hunt for special things…buttons, old haberdashery items, ribbons and beautiful vintage pieces to embellish each brooch or accessory. 

 You can find my products via my online shop…place your order and expect a pretty package.  You can visit me at I heart Market in Durban which is on the first Saturday of each month.  Here you will find my pop up shop and Build-a-Brooch stall which allows you to design your own brooch.”

Her pretty Blog:

Her Shop:

Thanks Nadia!

Artist profile: Meet Mia Widlake

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“I’m a maker. That pretty much sums me up. I never stop. Even when I was tiny I would make clothes for my dolls on this dinky little sewing machine that I don’t even think had a needle. My family have become so accustomed to me dragging something random looking home to revive or reinvent. I’m never without my toolbox or a paintbrush in my hand. My husband has even taken to buying me power tools for birthdays and christmas.

I’m a commercial stylist by day and a maker of things by night. I have two small kids that keep me laughing and very busy, I try to encourage creativity in them so we are always trying new things, the last project was a series of bits copper pipes and elbows that got contorted into a thousand different variations (makes a beautiful candle stick).  With my job involving a lot of sourcing of stuff and riding around jhb, I’m always finding interesting things (well I think they are interesting). I’ve got a very bad junking habit, that threatens to take over my house! Above are some pictures of something that I’ve been trying to get off the ground for years. My love for the kitchen, fabric and typography all combined in a dishcloth. Still in phase one, hopefully scarves, cushions, aprons, more ceramics and a load of other things I can think of to follow. I would love to collaborate with other artists to make limited edition items for a charity,  so I might call on you to help me find a suitable match.”

Find new developments as they happen on Mia’s beautiful blog For more pics of her stuff go to her website
Thanks Mia!

Artist Profile: Meet Steven & Telri from Paper Jet

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Paper Jet started in 2010 as a means to do something more creative, the inspiration for some of our earlier cards came about when we made little illustrations of our pet hamsters. We are both full time graphic designers. We love to cook and bake. We love to create cute handmade things, that we hope others will love too. We aren’t originally from Joburg, but we love it here! We have our own studio in Waverley, where we can stare at the tree tops and dream. We love riding our bikes around the neighbourhood, exploring the city gives us lots of inspiration.

Paper Jet Contact Details:
Steven 084 4004 974
Telri 078 206 2541

Artist profile: Jo & Angie (& South Africa’s cutest kitten) from Hello Fox

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Hello Fox is handmade and often one of kind jewelry made by myself Angie ( and my friend Jo ( We’re both based in awesome joburg, we are both art directors, we both obsessively collect all sorts of things from stationary to antiques to ceramics to paintings to lamps to teacups to art deco mirrors, you name it, we probably have a mild obsession for it. Jo especially loves collecting buttons of all sorts. She’s even made me a bit moggy about them, I find myself on the look out for the little buggers in every weird little secondhand shop I go into.

Hello Fox is just something that Jo and I love doing when we feel like just relaxing. It’s turned out be such a nice little business. We have been asked by a few people for stock, but we’ve decided to keep it mainly in Wolves because free time (for us to actually make the stuff) is quite a commodity these days.

So if you would like to say hello to some Foxes, come past Wolves – 3 Corlett Drive, Illovo Johannesburg. Or you can mail me at

And last but not least, here is a little picture of the sweetest lump of fur ever, Jo’s new kitty Sir Oliver Geoffrey Morrison. He is so sweet and orange and sweet. Shame.

Artist Profile: Jo’burg artist Mariette Bergh (and her dog Anabel)

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Mariёtte Bergh lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. After six years as a graphic designer and art director in magazines she decided to pursue art full-time. At the moment she wishes she could spend all her time with her puppy, Anabel, instead.
‘I’ve been fascinated with human behaviour and the manifestation of emotions since I can remember, observing quietly as if viewing a never-ending film. I express my own experiences through fictitious characters and, more recently, animals as well. The animals serve to illustrate the satire in city dwelling as they beautifully reflect the mundane routines that we are so caught up in.’

Visit for more amazing artwork.

Handsome Things will keep you posted on Mariёtte’s future exhibitions.  (be sure to get there early, her work usually  sells out before you’ve finished your first glass of wine! )

Artist Profile: Here’s Johnny

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My name is Johnny Kotze, I am a freelance illustrator. I work under the name of the studio called The Motel and I’m based in Cape Town.

I studied art at Stellenbosch and worked in advertising before starting my own illustration studio in Johannesburg with a friend of mine. I have since moved back to CT and continue to work here.

(Unfortunately Johnny doesn’t have a pet, but he might just be in the market for a pigmy rabbit to share his flat with.)

More links to videos and great work at:

Artist Profile: Meet Marietjie & Rory (and their dog Happy) from Skermunkil

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skermunkil is marietjie and rory both. we are married. we have a dog his name is happy. we have no kids yet. we are still thinking about it.
we live and work in muizenberg. we have a studio/shop down the road. we can ride our bikes there and we love it. favourite things are making stuff, riding bikes (rory’s most favourite thing), walking happy, sleeping late, coffee, ice cream, friends, hanging out, watching rugby/cricket, finding second hand beauties, watching movies, and and and and.
inspiring local designers are frauke stegman, steffany roup, superella, skinny laminx, christina bryer and many many many more.
we have a studio/shop at 44 Palmer road, Muizenberg. 021 788 8577. we are mostly open from 9 till 4 monday to friday and we have a stand at the biscuit mill market every saturday.

Nice to meet you Skermunkil’lings!