Oh-lief Natural Baby Products – a local eco-friendly entrepreneurial venture

I just love to hear about entrepreneurial ventures by smart South African women. Christine Buchanan couldn’t find organic and eco-friendly baby products that lived up to her high standards, so she teamed up with her sister to create her own line.

Christine and Louiza created the Oh-lief Natural baby products range using only the best natural ingredients they could find. Theirs is a truly inspirational entrepreneurial venture undertaken by a passionate mother who only wanted the best for her baby.

How long has Oh-lief been going and how did you get started?

Oh-Lief has been going for about 2 years now, we started off with the baby range and launched the Adult range this year at Kamersvol Geskenke.

Who are the ‘we’ in Oh-lief, Christine Buchanan, mother of young Liam, and Louiza Rademan, sister and proud aunt. We were brought up in a family that valued the principles of a green and organic lifestyle and our love of all things natural has certainly influenced our decisions in establishing our Oh-lief brand.

When Christine was pregnant she could not find a skincare range for babies, or for herself, that she felt confident enough to use. We then decided to develop our family recipes into a full baby range, based on 100% raw natural ingredients, and hence, Oh-lief was born. Our name originated from the main ingredient in the Oh-lief waxes, which is Olive oil. Oh-lief is a word -play on Olive and the ‘lief’ represent our love for nature and eco-friendly products.

Our Adult range is an extention on our Baby range as we tend to forget about ourselves. These products are designed to pamper you safely and with a clean conscience to the environment.

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