Illustration and ceramics by Dayfeels

Dayfeels illustration

Shygirl series by Dayfeels illustration

Dayfeels illustration

Shygirl series by Dayfeels illustration

Dayfeels Illustration

Shygirl series by Dayfeels Illustration

Dayfeels Illustration

Shygirl series by Dayfeels Illustration

Dayfeels Illustration

Bodies series by Dayfeels Illustration

Dayfeels Illustration

Bodies series by Dayfeels Illustration

Dayfeels ceramics

Dayfeels ceramics photo by Cass Collett

Dayfeels ceramics

Dayfeels ceramics photo by Cass Collett

Dayfeels ceramics

Dayfeels ceramics photo by  Cass Collett


This morning I stumbled on the beautiful Instagram feed of Amor Coetzee and I rushed over to her website.

Dayfeels is the creative sobriquet of South African artist and photographer, Amor Coetzee. Amor grew up in a small Eastern Cape seaside town, Gonubie and later moved to the beautiful city of Cape Town where she has been living and working for the past 6 years.

The inspiration for her work stems from a deep appreciation for the landscape, the ocean and the properties of water. These elements have had the most significant influence on her current artworks.

The hues, ripples and reflections, the immense power and the calm. It is her muse. Amor is very drawn to a clean and muted aesthetic and work through a process of elimination, starting out with a lot of detail and removing bit by bit until only the very essence remains. Her work tries to communicate a sense of calm, as subtle as susurrus.

Dayfeels Illustrations are based on aphorisms- a metaphorical phrase which embodies a feeling, these phrases are used to create simple line drawings.

Bodies, explores the simple gestures exchanged between lovers

Shygirl, is an ongoing narrative of a charming recluse trying to come to terms with big city life.

An extension of her artworks, the ceramic side of Dayfeels, lets her experiment more with texture, contrast, abstract shapes and patterns to create hand-made, one of a kind earthernware pieces.

Studio number 19

Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19Studio 19

Have a look at Studio Number 19‘s brand new catalogue featuring Mia Widlake’s beautiful new ceramics, lamps, posters and cushions. You can see the entire catalogue here.

Join the Studio Number 19 Facebook page here.

Klomp ceramics

klomp klomp Klomp Klomp




I recently discovered the lovely Klomp Ceramics website.  Alexia Klompje is a stylist who lives in Cape Town with her husband, Theo and Boston Terrier (and creative advisor) Bruce Lee.

Alexia creates handmade ceramics inspired by her life, experiences and things around her. Having recently survived a brain tumor, Alexia sees what she makes with clay as a means of telling her story; one of healing, connection to spirit, rebirth, and self expression.

Have a look at her beautiful range of bowls, platters, jugs etc. at

Ceramic Factory

Ceramics FactoryCeramics FactoryCeramics FactoryCeramic FactoryCeramic FactoryCeramic FactoryCeramic FactoryCeramic FactoryCeramic FactoryCeramic Factory

It looks like great things are happening in Linden folks. First there was Whippet, (after some teething problems they’ve finally hit their stride) and now there’s the lovely Ceramic Factory.

The owner, Rial Visagie, has designed  a wide selection of quirky and retro ceramics and it’s the perfect place to shop for presents. Apart from the retail store they’re also a wholesale supplier to lodges, hotels, restaurants, interior designers etc.

Go check it out: 59 4th Avenue, Linden.

Token Ceramics

4 bowls geometric Token ceramicsclose geometric Token Ceramicsmore geometric Token Ceramics2 by 2 geometric Token Ceramics

I recently spotted these lovely, fresh geometric bowls on the House and Leisure site. They’re by Carla da Cruz a ceramic artist based in Durban, South Africa. Along with making ceramic artworks, she also makes Token, a range of ceramic jewellery, accessories and decor items.


You can also follow her on Pinterest.

Via House and Leisure

Pretty Handmade tiles

Cats by Gillian Greer

I just love all these beautiful handmade tiles by Southern Art Ceramics. Gerrit Oosthuizen heads up the company situated in Hermanus and they’re known for designing and producing beautiful, customizable handmade tiles. I can spend the whole day trawling through their lovely tiles.

Some of the artists they work with include  Gillian Greer, Sim Cqushuza, Gerrit Oosthuizen and Hele Oosthuizen.

Or join their Facebook Page.

Retro inspired ceramics

Katherine Jollye is an architect who’s always busy making new things. I’ve featured her lovely Christmas cards here before and this time I chatted to her about her cool new range of ceramics.

When did you start venturing into ceramics?

Ceramics is a new endeavour for me, and so far I’m loving every moment of making them.  An architect by trade, these are a way for me to express my creativity and focus on some of the details that fill the spaces I create.  These are the first in the range, with a few more design that will be ready to go in a few weeks.  New pieces will be added regularly, and I’m already planning to extend the range to include other items of tableware.

Where did you get the inspiration for this range?

I have always loved ceramics, especially old dinner services and tea sets.  This love comes from my mum and grandmother who passed on the habit of turning things over to see what make they are.  It was inevitable that at some stage I would want to make my own.  The faceted cups are a current day take on nostalgic shapes that we all grew up with.  The textures are influenced by daily objects that I come across.  Their familiarity is what endears them to me.

Where can we buy it?

The range is so new that I have not finalised stockists yet.  However they are available from me directly, and I can ship to anywhere.  Email to order.

Maureen Visage ceramics

Maureen Visage, a talented ceramic artist living and working in Cape Town tells us a bit more about her work:

“My work is hand built and therefore each piece is unique and made with love. Love and fun are overriding themes: Love of my surroundings, my city, its people, the sea and land, its animals, flowers and trees and I depict these using vibrant colours and playful themes. My main focus is figurative pieces but I also have fun with vases, plates and tiles. 

I currently work in Green Point at the Barbara Jackson Ceramic Studio. Work may be found at Africa Nova, Kalkbay Modern, The Potter shop and Dorp Straat Gallery in Stellenbosch, amongst others.”

Anatomy Design

I popped into the beautiful Anatomy Design store at 44 Stanley the other day. What a gorgeous little space packed with designs by Andrea Kleinloog and Mia Widlake.

Andrea is an accomplished South African interior designer known for her Lab light series which won the prestigious Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at Design Indaba 2010 and was Elle Décor International nominee 2011. I asked her how Anatomy Design got started.

“Anatomy Design started purely by luck. I was in the midst of building a chapel and wedding venue (, and needed a desk light. Started working on the Lab Light… with no intention to sell one. The success of the Lab Light meant we needed a place to literally sell them from… I never planned to open a shop – but here we are!”

Visit the store (next to Bean There) or check out Mia and Andrea’s websites for more designs.

Sessi Bee Ceramics

 Photo via Vamp

Handsome Things chatted to Sarah Benjamin the lady behind Sessi Bee Ceramics.

Where are you from and how did you get started in ceramics?

I was born in Johannesburg but have lived in London most of my life. After graduating from Byam Shaw, Central Saint Martins WITH Fine Art in 2010 I moved to Cape Town with my Capetonian boyfriend.  His mom, who is a ceramist, invited me to come along to the Barbara Jackson School of Ceramics with her and that’s where I learnt (and fell in love with) ceramics. I now work from the studio full-time.

Where do you get the inspiration for your quirky characters?

At first I concentrated on men with beards and hats, but now I look everywhere for inspiration and new ideas. I like making characters based on ‘regular’ people  (doctors, photographers, swimmers, bakers), but my favourite characters are fictional and unconventional (vampires, Marie Antoinette, vikings, superheroes, people in animal suits), that’s when I really get to play.

I have also just made some South African rappers, Jack Parow and Die Antwoord and I’m working on London themed bowls namely Beefeaters and the Queen.

Where can we buy your ceramics?

You can find my work at:

The Fringe Arts (99B Kloof Street), The Fringe Arts Pop-Up (V&A Waterfront), Vamp (368 Albert Rd, Woodstock), Abode (The Biscuit Mill), The Pottershop (Kalk Bay), Monkeybiz (Rose Street, Bo Kaap) and in Hermanus at Pure South.

I also make customised bowls to order.

Join the Sessi Bee Facebook Page.

The ceramics of Hylton Nel

Hylton Nel is one of South Africa’s well-known ceramic artists or “artist-potter” as he describes himself. He was born in Zambia and went to school in Kimberly and later studied ceramics in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve always admired the wonderful humour in his work, and to be quite honest, I’m not sure why I’m only featuring him now.

“Hylton Nel is a master of combining whimsy with satire and making pointed, albeit often humorous, references to his personal concerns as well as those of the world at large. In his work Nel seduces the eye with his sinuous line drawing and lush glazes, yet the mind is often taken aback when it comprehends the intensity of his imagery and inscriptions.

Nel describes himself as an ‘artist-potter’ which aptly refers to his interest in painted imagery as well as form and function. Over the past four decades he has developed a style of work that is rich in references to the decorative arts and literary and art historical sources. His plates, bowls, vases, plaques and figurative pieces are idiosyncratically decorated with witty – and sometimes poignant – line drawings and script.” –

Images via

Ceramicist Nico Masemula

I discovered Nico Masemula’s charming ceramics on the wonderful Wolf Eyebrows blog the other day. I’ve battled a bit to find out more about Nico, but what I have found, thanks to the Clementia Ceramics blog, is that he’s based in Calitzdorp in the Karoo and that his mentor is the well-known SA ceramicist Hylton Nel.

I’ve also found an Afrikaans article in Die Burger about how Nico, as a young Sotho lad, serendipitously landed up in Hylton’s household in Bethulie when he accompanied a man who worked in Hylton’s garden. Hylton took Nico under his wing and when he moved to Calizdorp, Nico went with. Hylton sent him to Môrester High School in Calitzdorp and when he finished matric Hylton built him a house in the yard and took him on as his apprentice.

What a success story, because today Nico Masemula sells his ceramics on the Anthropologie site where I found these images. His work is also available at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town.

Koi & Blue Willow by Mervyn Gers

Mervyn Gers recently won the Best decorated Award at Ceramics South Africa’s Cape Regional with his beautiful Koi and Blue Willow Set. “A series of plates patterned in decals recalling the familiar Willow Pattern designs and the Koi fish of the East. The vibrant blue and red colours recall the well loved Imari ware from Japan.” – Ceramics Southern Africa

If you’re in Cape Town you can catch The Mervyn Gers Collective at the Design Indaba Expo.

If you’d like to know you more about Mervyn you can read my previous post on him here or you can visit his Facebook page.

Photos via the Mervyn Gers Facebook Page.