Shibby Beats

Shibby BeatsShibby UNWIND. Portable Bluetooth speaker made from real walnut wood.

Shibby beatsShibby ROAD TRIP. Portable bamboo Bluetooth speaker with up to 10 hours battery life.

Shibby Beats

How beautiful are these eco-conscious portable bluetooth speakers by local brand Shibby Beats. This local speaker company was started in Port Elizabeth by husband and wife duo Michelle and Grant Tomlinson.

“The Shibby Unwind is the kind of speaker that will make you want to call up a group of friends and get everyone down to the beach for a bit of a party. It boasts clear, quality sound and naturally enhanced bass, perfect for getting a vibe going with a group of mates.”


– Latest Bluetooth technology, 10m range

– Up to 10 hours playback from a single charge

– Size: 22.5cm x 11.5cm x 5.5cm


– 1x micro USB charging cable

– 1x Aux cable

Shred by Ryan Frank

Shred by Ryan FrankShred_Smartphone_iphoneipad-shredipad-shred-redlaptop-shred-sleeveShred_laptop_close_up_2Shred_iPad_close-up1

Ryan Frank is a South African born furniture designer with studios in London and Barcelona. Over the past years Ryan has advanced to one of the industries leading sustainability designers renown for his edgy free-range furniture.

His work often includes cultural references to his African roots giving Ryan Frank’s collection a depth and texture not always found in contemporary design.

Sustainability has been at the heart of Ryan’s work since the company’s inception in 2005. Today he has a wide range of products, from computer accessories to farmhouse tables.

His new SHRED range again references his South African background and is made from Ecotex, a material made from 100% recycled textile waste derived from old, unwanted clothes and household fabrics.

Recycling clothing is a fantastic way to prolong a products lifecycle thus reducing the need to produce new cotton or synthetic fibers.

Give a tree.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 3.59.31 PM

Waterberry tree. R320. Buy it here.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 4.00.05 PM

Cape Ash tree. R320. Buy it here.


I love this idea. Tree gifting.

“Heartwood was created with the idea that small things count. The gifts we give each other shouldn’t be instantly forgettable (another gift voucher), or temporary (like flowers). Instead they should be sustainable symbols: good for giver, receiver, and the environment. Better than a diamond, a tree really is forever – growing, living, greening.

Heartwood was founded in 2009 by Jenni Rowe. An established businesswoman, Jenni founded the luxury Harfield Guest Villa with her husband, Graham, fifteen years ago.

Trees are our poems, and our histories. Aristotle taught under a tree. Buddha achieved enlightenment through one. And Newton was inspired. Oaks, they say, are wise. Olive trees bring peace. The Weeping Willow mourns. In Norse mythology, the world is a giant Ash – its roots tangled in the affairs of man, its branches brushing the stars.”

The lovely packaging is by At Pace. Packaging photos via their website.

Oh-lief Natural Baby Products – a local eco-friendly entrepreneurial venture

I just love to hear about entrepreneurial ventures by smart South African women. Christine Buchanan couldn’t find organic and eco-friendly baby products that lived up to her high standards, so she teamed up with her sister to create her own line.

Christine and Louiza created the Oh-lief Natural baby products range using only the best natural ingredients they could find. Theirs is a truly inspirational entrepreneurial venture undertaken by a passionate mother who only wanted the best for her baby.

How long has Oh-lief been going and how did you get started?

Oh-Lief has been going for about 2 years now, we started off with the baby range and launched the Adult range this year at Kamersvol Geskenke.

Who are the ‘we’ in Oh-lief, Christine Buchanan, mother of young Liam, and Louiza Rademan, sister and proud aunt. We were brought up in a family that valued the principles of a green and organic lifestyle and our love of all things natural has certainly influenced our decisions in establishing our Oh-lief brand.

When Christine was pregnant she could not find a skincare range for babies, or for herself, that she felt confident enough to use. We then decided to develop our family recipes into a full baby range, based on 100% raw natural ingredients, and hence, Oh-lief was born. Our name originated from the main ingredient in the Oh-lief waxes, which is Olive oil. Oh-lief is a word -play on Olive and the ‘lief’ represent our love for nature and eco-friendly products.

Our Adult range is an extention on our Baby range as we tend to forget about ourselves. These products are designed to pamper you safely and with a clean conscience to the environment.

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