Bun and Bunee


Bun and Bunee is a new local skate brand that has launched a cool line of skate decks, T-shirts, caps and components. And as the proud official sponsor of One Love Central, they’re also doing a whole lot of good.

One Love Collective is a Collaborative Effort that aims to uplift the community through facilitating alternative recreational activities for the inner-city youth to have diversity in their choices, beyond the usual soccer / netball or basketball.

One Love Central has a new Skate Academy at the Drill Hall which is situated in Johannesburg’s inner-city. Bun and Bunee donated 10 full skateboard completes and accessories to their cause. Shortly after the donation a workshop took place, and kids from different backgrounds got together to be taught the basics of skateboarding, as well as the skateboard assembly process.

The skateboards are now available for the kids to use during the day, but they stay at the academy for the programme. Therefore, they can be used by many kids on an ongoing basis.

If you’re in Jo’burg you’re in luck cause Bun and Bunee will be at the next Linden Market on the 7th of May where they’ll be selling their goods and giving skate lessons to kids, so bring your skateboard along.


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Nap Loungewear

nap loungewear

nap loungewear

Nap Loungewear

As a freelancer I love the idea of lounging around in my jim-jams all day. The brand new local loungewear brand Nap allows you to do just that.

“I wanted comfy,  slouchy tops and bottoms that I could mix and match as I please. I wanted a nighty so light and pretty that it could be mistaken for a sun dress. After I started selling the first few designs to my friends I noticed that people often wore their purchases during the day – even to work saying: “But it’s too pretty for pyjamas.”  So I decided to call my company Nap Loungewear instead of Nap Pyjamas.  It is my mission to educate South Africans that it’s okay to wear pretty pyjamas, even if no-one sees you wearing them. ”

That’s it, I’m officially embracing this trend and wearing my slippers to the grocery store tomorrow.

This is just a sneak peek at their lovely designs – go see the rest at  http://www.naploungewear.com/

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Ilundi blue_clutchIlundi travel_bagIlundi leather clutchesIlundi leather clutchIlundiIlundiIlundiIlundi Heirloom PurseIllundi leather bags

I’ve featured Ilundi’s lovely leather goods here before, but I’ve just noticed there’s a whole new range available on the Ilundi website. So click here to read my previous chat with Safia Stodel, the designer behind the range, or pop onto her website to check it out.

“Ilundi products are labours of love. They can take up to 14 hours to make by hand. Every hole is hand punched and every stitch hand sewn. No sewing machines are used. We prefer to do things with just our hands, which is the hard way but also the best way. We sew our products with the reliable saddle stitch, which is one of the oldest stitches used in leather work.”



Photos by:  http://www.lifephotography.co.za/




I absolutely love this new range of leather and velt goods by Janine Mollentze owner and designer at Veltwerk. Janine is a freelance content producer who lives in Cape Town. She told Handsome Things a bit about her background, inspiration and how Veltwerk got started.

“I grew up watching my grandmother cut patterns, sew, knit and crochet everything and anything. It was just something that was part of my life. As a teenager I was always interested in fashion, and I would ask her to to make garments from the designs I drew up.

After high school I studied both Journalism and Fine Arts, but due to my short attention span I never finished either, but rather took the time to travel abroad and immersed myself into learning about European cultures. It was in London that I got a broader understanding of the international fashion industry and even though I worked in the VFX industry, I spent a lot of my free time online and on the high streets appreciating beautiful apparel and accessories. 


Janine and Mymy

Ever since I can remember, I have been creative and I’ve always had a great appreciation for art, fashion, and photography. On my return to SA in 2012, all I wanted was to lose myself in any creative activity I could find, sewing was one of these, and I quickly started dreaming up ideas for bags, scanning the internet for inspiration.

I purchased materials and started experimenting at home but soon realised that working with leather is not an easy task and started sourcing more advanced production methods. 

Now I am more involved in design and material sourcing than the manufacturing, but believe that I have a personal connection with the concepts of my collections and that VELTWERK as a brand is a functional expression of who I am. How it will evolve in future is going to have a lot to do with my new life on African soil.

I recently also started producing a range of contemporary ceramics that will be available for purchase in our online shop very soon. Keep your eyes on our website veltwerk.co.za



Skinny laMinx and Take Care Collaboration

Up Up & Away all fabrics 2Up Up & Away selected fabricsTake Care outfit2Take Care/ Skinny Laminx

2014 is definitely going to be a year of innovative and exciting new collaborations and cross pollination. And to kick it off Skinny laMinx designer, Heather Moore, recently released Up, Up & Away, her second fabric collection designed exclusively for US quilting company Cloud 9 Fabrics.

Inspired by the infectious buzz of WDC 2014 creativity simmering in the city, Moore approached fashion designer Jessica Harwood of Take Care to transform her fabric range into summery casual wear.

The key theme at Skinny laMinx in 2014 will be Cross Pollination, as the brand looks to spend the year sparking off collaborations with local and international designers in surprising and enlivening ways.

The garments are not available for purchase, as the intention behind the collaboration was to inspire home sewists and aspiring fashion designers to create their own clothes using the Up, Up & Away collection. The range of prints is available in limited quantities from the Skinny laMinx shop at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town.



Adorable Feat Socks

FEATsplash-page-imageladies-lilac-cat-face-front_610Wladies-beige-scallop_610WFeat Sockspackage-grey-vermicelli_610Wladies-pastel-cat-face_610WDSC_0570Feat Socks

I’m a sucker for a cute pair of socks and if they’re local my toes curl with delight.

“Cape Townians Alison and Chelsey are two best friends whose dreams and adventures have always been cushioned by a pretty pair of socks. At age eight and nine, their friendship bloomed in dance class, wearing little, lacy, ribboned toe-socks.

By age thirteen, they were stealing Ali’s older sister’s socks to slide around muddy paddocks with horses. Today, in their early twenties, they have decided to take their love affair with socks more seriously, with all the joy and frivolity of those two silly little girls.”




Ilundi designs


ilundi beltilundiilundibraided_heart_neckpiece

Safia Stodel the talented lady behind Ilundi Designs tells us a bit more about her simple and beautiful range of leather goods.

How did you get started?

I was studying fine art and needed a bag for all my books and supplies. I couldn’t find any decently priced simple leather bags, so I tried to make my own. I didn’t have a sewing machine though, so after a lot of research I created a folding technique which I used to make the bag with. No sewing required! This is how my signature sling bag came into being. Afterwards friends and family commissioned me to make them bags too – and it grew from there.

Your favourite things:

– First parts of making a new product: dreaming, researching and sketching

– Grilled marinated artichokes and vanilla pod milkshakes

– Cats

– The way my daughter wakes us up in the morning with kisses. She’s 16 months old :)

– The earthy smell of new rolls of leather in my studio

 Where can we buy your bags?

Ilundi bags and belts can be bought from Nap, Purr, Afraid of Mice, Mememe, Margot Molyneux’s clothing stall at the Biscuit Mill and very soon an exclusive range can be bought online from Presents in the Post (presentsinthepost.com). I also sell through my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Ilundidesigns.


Thanks Safia!

Hey there Dapper Dawie

It’s almost Valentine’s day so here are some dapper, locally made accessories and attire for the handsome man in the boot of your car.Bow Peep bowtie

Bow Peep bow ties – from City MobNic Socks

Nic Socks (locally made from 100% bamboo) from Citymob

Chapel Work Carrier

Chapel Navy blue & brown Wildebeest Work Carrier
Studio MutiHand-painted bike by Studio Muti


Locally made David Red classic veldskoen R750 by Ninion.co.za


Matblac ipad sleeve R520

Beautiful scarves by local fine artists

Michael Taylor silk scarf

Michael Taylor

Titus MatiyaneTitus Matiyane

Richard Penn

Richard Penn

Michael Taylor silk scarf

Michael Taylor

Jan-Henri Booyens silk scarf

Jan-Henri Booyens

Richard Penn

Richard Penn

Michael MacGarry

Michael MacGarry

Jill Trappler

Jill Trappler

For the Summer Collection 2012 L’MAD presented beautiful pure silk scarves featuring artworks by leading South African artists. The artists included: Michael Taylor, Jan-Henri Booyens, Michael MacGarry, Titus Matiyane, Richard Penn and Jill Trappler.

L’MAD – Lucy MacGarry Art & Design – is an arts-based production company that curates unique and limited edition collections in a variety of media.

Working directly with established and emerging African artists, L’MAD explores several concepts — at the forefront is the crossover between art, fashion and design and with it the juxtaposition of materials, scale and form.”

See all the scarves on the L’mad website.

via Mail and Guardian

Wooden sunglasses from old skateboards, handmade in Pinetown.

This is just flippen awesome. Dave de Witt is a Durbanite who repurposes old “thrashed” skate decks and turns them into sunglasses. By hand. In Pinetown. What a talented guy.  He chatted to Handsome Things about the many careers that led him to this and exactly how it’s done.

What is your background and how did this idea come about?

I am a qualified Weaving Mechanician on an Airjet Loom – that means when I was an apprentice at Frame Textile Corporation in the weaving dept. from age 19 to 23 where I learned to take things apart, fix them, and put them back together. I left there along time ago and have been on a journey from flowrider instructor, skatepark manager, rock wall attendant, cruise ship employee to self employed skatepark builder, cabinetmaker, custom furniture designer and now sunglass maker.

Sk8shades was born through necessity, my sunglasses broke, I wasn’t amped to buy new shades, but I had tools, Google, an old skateboard and some scratched lenses from my old Aviators. I made a pair of shades, posted them to Facebook, and a few months later, here I am making sunglasses, and have just ordered 120 pairs of lenses and am about to order the same amount of hinges.

Tell us a bit about the process involved in making the glasses?

The process starts with old boards being sliced up, planed, laminated, cut into veneers and then laminated into the final shape with a cross laminated core for strength. The temples are re-sawed noses and tails of skateboards taking advantage of the ready-made curves, or they can be made to match the layered frame. I have made custom templates and molds to shape the lens apertures and frame as accurately as possible.

To mount the lenses securely I custom made my own router bit from an old bit. Lenses will be polarized lenses, which pass European Class 1 and Australian sunglasses standards, the highest standards currently set. South Africa has no set standards, but I want to produce the finest quality product. Hinges are currently being imported from China, solid nickel, high quality. Spring hinges will be available shortly. Currently I am working by myself, but am looking into getting some employees to up production time.

At the moment I am selling at the I Heart Market in Durban and through my Etsy store for international orders.


Suzaan Heyns short film

Wow. These gorgeous stills are from the Suzaan Heyns AV/Short Film that was shown as an intro to her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The video was directed by WILLEM GROBLER and the Director of Photography was DAVID PIENAAR. I’m gobsmacked.


Producer RENIER RIDGEWAY (Silver Lining Pictures)


The Colourist was RICHARD STARKEY @ 744

Digital Models – Abby and Claire Meekel

You can watch the film here.

I found these stills here.


Kushn handcrafted leather bags

I featured one of Kushn’s beautifully handcrafted  laptop bags a few months ago, but I stumbled on their Facbook page again today and thought it would be great to showcase some of the other items in the range.

Kushn is the creation of Hands On Design Studio (Greer Valley + Thembalezwe Mntambo). Merging function and aesthetic appeal, our range of bags, sleeves and holders provide protection with a design edge for your IT consumer products.

Kushn designs are inspired by everyday life in urban city landscapes and the people who interact with it.

Our products are made from high quality leather sourced from local tanneries, cottons, and for accent, various styles of African cloth. We are also committed to empowerment. Local craftsmen and seamstresses around Cape Town lend us a hand on the manufacturing side of things.

Have a look at their site: http://blog.kushn.co.za/ or join their Facebook Page to stay posted.

Joey + Julia

Lauren Louw from Joey + Julia tells us about her line of vintage clothing and accessories.

The first piece of clothing I fell in love with was a red, blue and yellow checkered dress with gold coins as a trimming around the neckline, I was four. And now twenty years later I can still remember how that dress made me feel, the fabric, the gold coins dangling, I knew that it was special. My hope is that our items will have the similar impact in some else’s life. I knew that my career choice would be creatively driven and chose to study fashion design at Tshwane University of technology and then LISOF.

Joey + Julia is named after both my grandmothers. Joey being my fathers mother and Julia my mothers.

Currently Joey + Julia sells imported vintage clothing from England and then jewelry that we source from all around the globe. My wish is that all the items we sell will be designed by myself, from clothing to jewelry. We will also be launching an online magazine this year.

My fiance has definitely been my greatest supporter and right hand man during this start up process.

Our new years resolution is to read all the English classics, to write more letters to family and friends and become the woman God intended me to be.

Check out the Joey + Julia Etsy shop or visit the website.

Thanks Lauren!