African Proverbs in a colouring book

We succeed when we are in the place where we feel most at home.

Shona, Zimbabwe/MozambiqueWisdom belongs to us all as a community. One person cannot claim to know the whole truth.

Ewe/Mina, Ghana/Togo/BeninWe succeed as individuals because of the help we receive from others.

isiXhosa, South Africa

If you try and do something quickly, you will not do it properly.

Afrikaans, South Africa

Colour Africa Proverbs is a colouring book of beautifully illustrated proverbs from all over Africa. These proverbs are words of wisdom that teach children universal truths in an engaging and interactive way. Respect, compassion and teamwork are central themes.

Each of the 10 proverbs appears in its original home language, with an English translation and a picture. The lively hand-drawn letters are a great way to learn more about the shape of letters.

At the back of the book, the meaning of each proverb is explained in more detail. The adventure game in the middle of the book uses the themes of the proverbs in a fun and interactive way.

Colour Africa Proverbs is published by Colour Africa, part of Design for Development (

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Illustrated: Roulé le Roux

Proofreading: Giles Griffin.

Project by: Design for development.