Books and brooches by Paper Tales

Paper Tales is a lovely range of products ranging from hand drawn cards, illustrations, wooden badges, notebooks and a whole lot more. They’re based in Cape Town and you’ll find them at the Treasury Market in Stellenbosch this weekend.

Go check out their Facebook page for more.

Tetromino by Dor&kie Jewellery

Diana James, owner of  Dor&kie Jewellery, is the designer behind these lovely Tetromino brooches and necklaces. They’re available at the Object House, Woodstock, Cape Town and The Fringe Arts, Kloof Street and V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, and also

Dear Rae has a new shop!

Tomorrow night sees the opening of Karin Rae Matthee’s brand new studio and shop at the Woodstock Foundry (150 Albert Road) in Cape Town. Dear Rae has been around since 2010 and I’ve long been a fan of Karin’s beautiful, simple and delicate jewellery.

My diverse surroundings inspire me. I look to create jewellery that celebrates the preciousness of the everyday. I am drawn to simplistic forms and I enjoy translating them into functional jewellery. I hope to create adaptable jewellery, that allows the wearer to enjoy it differently each day.” – Karin Rae Matthee

See the Dear Rae website for Jo’burg and other Cape Town Stockists.

Photography by Kate Mcluckie.

via freeworld design centre

Milame Handmade Design

Jewellery designer Emma Atkinson is the talented lady behind Milame Handmade Design. She completed her BA in Visual Arts (Creative Jewellery and Metal Design) at Stellenbosch University. She started her own company last year making jewellery and other handmade creations such as lamp shades and baby mobiles.

Join her Facebook page or visit her website to see more of her work.

You can find a selection of these watercolour pendants at Fringe Arts on Kloof Street.

Handmade gifts for under R350

Be Kind Fine bone china mug R150

Recycled plastic disk necklace – Deep Dark Africa online store R185

Scrabble Alphabet 12x12cm R60 each (also custom sizes) – iKhaya

LP Record Buttons – Paper JetR25 each

Lauren Fowler A4 prints R350 each

Lauren Fowler Owlie Tags R30 per pack

Paper Jet Handmade Note books R60 each from Nonna, Abby & Ross, Wolves (prices vary)
A Bird Named Frank Heart Necklaces R180 from The Fringe Arts

Hey there Hey Cherry!

We featured talented fine artist Bronwen Vaughn-Evans a few posts back and this time we’re looking at her and Sam Schwarer’s whimsical brand Hey Cherry. They’re based in Durbs and you can catch them at the wonderful  I heart Market.

Sam and I formed HEYCHERRY as a fun outlet for ideas that we have outside of our day jobs. We are close friends and moms of children who are best friends, so we see each other often and always land up chatting about new ideas we wish we had time to execute.

I am a bit of a techo recluse (luddite) while Sam is great at media management, so she does most of our publicity (although I do blog posts from time to time).

If people want to purchase our products (they are posted under the products heading on our blog + prices) they should just email us on and/or depending on who makes what. Potential clients can do a simple EFT and the product they want will be posted to them.

I am a fine artist (see by trade. I lecture part-time in the Fine Art Department of the Durban University of Technology, exhibit my work nationally (and a little internationally) and I make knick-knacks for our stall at the I HEART MARKET.

I love contemporary South African art, vintage children’s toys and books and all things contemporary craft. I am inspired by the wonderful creative people around me. People like Paul Edmunds (and his wife Heather Moore), Greg Streak, Andries Botha and Dee Donaldson are friends who inspire me to take my craft seriously, to do things beautifully whatever field I am working in. The wonderful makers at the I HEART MARKET (cupcake couture, savage jewellery, token ceramics, whimsy, and ikyaha to name a few) are also a great source of inspiration.

Have a look at their blog Hey Cherry.

Thanks Sam & Bronwen!

Smith Jewellery’s 1st birthday give-away!

It’s Smith Jewellery’s first birthday today (hiep hiep) and you can walk away with one of Anna’s beautiful handmade sterling silver animal pins. All you have to do is like the Smith Jewellery Facebook page and write on her wall which handsome animal you’d like to adopt. We’ll announce the winner next Monday.

Meet Anna Raimondo the designer behind Smith jewellery.

I was born and bred in CT and from an early age I was exposed to beautiful music, clothes and crafts by my mother and grandmothers. I fell into jewellery design by accident at Stellenbosch University (was originally going to do a journalism degree) and found that not only did I enjoy it, but was kind of good at it too. While in my final year at Stellies I applied (and got accepted) for a scholarship at the Richemont Group’s school of design in Milan. The course was a one year ‘Master in Design’ and focused on accessory design for luxury market. After finishing my studies at the Creative Academy, I then completed an intense three-month internship as a designer for the world-renowned fashion brand Chloe, working in their leather department in Milan.

After that I spent the next two years working and traveling in and around the UK and Australia. I tried many things from working for a small jewellery company to telesales to marketing, but the need to return home and start my own thing grew.

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Handmade gifts for under R250

One Bud Vase handmade by ceramicist Lisa Firer. R225 each. Available from Deep Dark Africa.

Hand felted cushions. R180 each. Available from Beatnik Bazaar.

Smock dress, 2-3 years.  R195. Available from Skinny Laminx.

Handprinted limited edition dishcloths by Mia Widlake. R90. Available from Abby & Ross.

My Gold Heart necklace by Caera O’Shaughnessy. R180. (10% goes to charity) from one of these online shops.

Birdie gift tags. Set of 10. R75. From Skinny Laminx.

Bearded men and Polar Bears bowls by Sarah Benjamin. R240 each. From The Fringe Arts on Kloof Street.

Papillon Belle Butterfly wing pendants

Audrey Botha started this beautiful butterfly wing jewellery range at the beginning of the year. The range supports a butterfly breeding program and by purchasing it you not only do your bit for the environment, you also help provide employment for the families who breed and raise these delicate creatures. Audrey tells us a bit more about herself and the jewellery:

“I’m a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cape Town. I spent 5 years working in London as a senior designer for a number of agencies before returning to South Africa 5 years ago, but I continue to work for an international client base. My specialty is branding and I also do a lot of vector illustration work for clients that meet me through my profile on (the world’s leading online micro stock library).

Butterflies have always fascinated me and, coincidentally, I had a jewellery range called Madame Butterfly about 12 years ago which I sold through the Young Designers Emporium. Paul Simon had just started up YDE and my butterfly hair clips were the very first accessories they ever stocked!

When I inherited 2 antique brooches from my grandmother using real butterfly wings which were almost a 100 years old, I became absolutely fascinated as to how you can take something that only lives for 1-4 weeks and immortalise it in a piece of jewellery that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Artist profile: Jo & Angie (& South Africa’s cutest kitten) from Hello Fox

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Hello Fox is handmade and often one of kind jewelry made by myself Angie ( and my friend Jo ( We’re both based in awesome joburg, we are both art directors, we both obsessively collect all sorts of things from stationary to antiques to ceramics to paintings to lamps to teacups to art deco mirrors, you name it, we probably have a mild obsession for it. Jo especially loves collecting buttons of all sorts. She’s even made me a bit moggy about them, I find myself on the look out for the little buggers in every weird little secondhand shop I go into.

Hello Fox is just something that Jo and I love doing when we feel like just relaxing. It’s turned out be such a nice little business. We have been asked by a few people for stock, but we’ve decided to keep it mainly in Wolves because free time (for us to actually make the stuff) is quite a commodity these days.

So if you would like to say hello to some Foxes, come past Wolves – 3 Corlett Drive, Illovo Johannesburg. Or you can mail me at

And last but not least, here is a little picture of the sweetest lump of fur ever, Jo’s new kitty Sir Oliver Geoffrey Morrison. He is so sweet and orange and sweet. Shame.

Artist Profile: Meet Marietjie & Rory (and their dog Happy) from Skermunkil

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skermunkil is marietjie and rory both. we are married. we have a dog his name is happy. we have no kids yet. we are still thinking about it.
we live and work in muizenberg. we have a studio/shop down the road. we can ride our bikes there and we love it. favourite things are making stuff, riding bikes (rory’s most favourite thing), walking happy, sleeping late, coffee, ice cream, friends, hanging out, watching rugby/cricket, finding second hand beauties, watching movies, and and and and.
inspiring local designers are frauke stegman, steffany roup, superella, skinny laminx, christina bryer and many many many more.
we have a studio/shop at 44 Palmer road, Muizenberg. 021 788 8577. we are mostly open from 9 till 4 monday to friday and we have a stand at the biscuit mill market every saturday.

Nice to meet you Skermunkil’lings!