Kamers Vol Geskenke 2016


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Make sure you don’t miss this year’s Kamers Vol Geskenke Market at St. John’s College SA’s pop-up treasure trove of handcrafted creativity. It’s on until this Sunday.

“We’re not into the perfectly made or the mass produced – it’s about high end true craft, slightly imperfect, timeless and originally designed… that special something that is only found at the show.”


The Linden Market

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This past weekend we took part in the second Linden Market and it’s safe to say that it was an overwhelming success. Perhaps too successful. The organiser, my talented sister Gerbri (Bibi) Schwartz, had no idea that people would be driving from all over Gauteng to attend the little market!

But, she has big plans for this small neighbourhood market and the next one will be at a much bigger venue.

“This market is all about showcasing local talent. Quite a few of our exhibitors are from the Linden community, it’s all about giving entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their goods. It’s also about uplifting our community. The market creates many jobs for locals and the spill over effect was tremendous. All the local restaurants were buzzing on Saturday. We also donated all the proceeds from the parking fees to Ry Ma In the Independent Living Centre for quadriplegics and paraplegics, based in Linden.

We had many success stories as quite a few of our vendors sold out completely before the end of the day. No one could’ve anticipated the incredible turnout! We’re already planning the next one in May and we’re taking all the feedback from visitors onboard. The venue will be much bigger and we will make sure there’s an exciting range of food and beverages.”

Follow the Linden Market on Facebook to stay updated on future markets.

Online vendor applications at http://thelindenmarket.com/


The Sheds Artisanal Market

The Sheds Market Johannesburg | Handsome Things

The Sheds Market Johannesburg | Handsome Things

The Sheds Artisanal Market | Handsome Things

The Sheds Market Johannesburg | Handsome Things

The Sheds Market Johannesburg | Handsome Things

The Sheds Market Johannesburg | Handsome Things

The Sheds Market | Handsome Things

On Saturday we popped round to The Sheds@1Fox. It opened on the 2nd of October 2014 as a pop-up marketplace so it’s still in its infancy, but it’s a gorgeous space and I’m convinced it’s going to be a huge success.

“While retaining the original character, the The Sheds@1Fox is refurbishing the historic warehouses into a thriving marketplace – an artisanal food and produce market, surrounded by eateries and bars. This lifestyle emporium is designed to serve the corporate workforce of the city as well as the many travellers visiting Jozi for a vibrant, African urban experience.

Hubert Davies opened these mining warehouses in 1893. While most of the buildings on site date from the 1920s and 1940s, the centre part of the main shed is possibly the oldest industrial structure in all of Joburg City. Oregon pine posts and trusses suggest that this part was built before the South African War (Anglo Boer War).

There is much history and legend associated with the location. A liquor license was granted for the Ferreira’s Bar on this site in 1893 and for the Good Luck Bar in 1895. One can only speculate that Charles Glass himself peddled his original Castle Larger here.

Located on the Western Edge of Joburg City, in an area known as Ferreirastown where Joburg’s first miners pitched their tents during the gold rush – and neighbouring historic Marshalltown where many mining corporations and banks still have their offices – The Sheds@1Fox is about to bring a new lease of life to a historic corner of the city.

Trading from 10:00 – 18:00, Thursday to Sunday every week, the market will operate until 24 December 2014. The stunning event spaces and two bars may well trade into the night (check operating times before arriving).

Plans are already being put in place to extend trading hours to a daily basis in 2015. Phase 2 also include permanent retail, production and entertainment spaces in the surrounding buildings.”


The Winter Sculpture Fair

IMG_5081Winter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture FairWinter Sculpture Fair

This weekend  the acclaimed NIROX Sculpture Park was transformed into a contemporary wonderland, with larger-than-life sculptures dotted across the landscape. Some of Franschhoek’s  top chefs and wine producers provided visitors with top-end meals, charcuterie, and wine and bubbly by the glass.

It was a magical day with fantastic food and wine in one of the most beautiful parks in our country. It truly felt like we were lazying about  in a Seurat painting.

After having successfully created the FNB Joburg Art Fair and Sanlam Investments FoodWineDesign Fair, Artlogic has been looking to create a new event that offers Gautengers an opportunity for a day out of the city.

Well they’ve absolutely succeeded and I hope that this will become an annual event.

Follow Art Logic on twitter to find out more about all their fantastic events. @ArtlogicSA

Market love. You had me at Lettuce.

Frozen Margaritas, rocket laden pizzas, chubby olives, upcycled bicycles, fresh flowers, delis, delicatessens, paella, pesto, handcrafted chocolate, craft beer, organic coffee and that’s just halfway through the first floor. I finally got to go to the new Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein and it made every one of my senses whistle happy. I felt exactly like I did after going on the Slip ‘n Slide in my cousin’s garden – I want to do it again. See you next Saturday.

Pictured here: Illustrated fine bone china cups Be Kind. Jewellery & ceramic girls Skermunkil. Bicycle Starling & Hero.


Artist Profile: Meet Nadia from Cupcake Couture

Nadia van der Mescht tells us a bit more about Cupcake Couture:

“Cupcake Couture is a small accessories brand that I started in order to create and craft.  It has grown to so much more and is now my full time focus, coupled with the digital management side of the business and the creative consulting that I do.  Each product is handmade and created with lots of love.  I imagine the person who might use it or wear it and enjoy adding each precious button and detail.  I hunt for special things…buttons, old haberdashery items, ribbons and beautiful vintage pieces to embellish each brooch or accessory. 

 You can find my products via my online shop…place your order and expect a pretty package.  You can visit me at I heart Market in Durban which is on the first Saturday of each month.  Here you will find my pop up shop and Build-a-Brooch stall which allows you to design your own brooch.”

Her pretty Blog:  http://lovecupcakecouture.blogspot.com/

Her Shop:  http://lovecupcakecouture.blogspot.com/p/shop.html

Thanks Nadia!