Bun and Bunee


Bun and Bunee is a new local skate brand that has launched a cool line of skate decks, T-shirts, caps and components. And as the proud official sponsor of One Love Central, they’re also doing a whole lot of good.

One Love Collective is a Collaborative Effort that aims to uplift the community through facilitating alternative recreational activities for the inner-city youth to have diversity in their choices, beyond the usual soccer / netball or basketball.

One Love Central has a new Skate Academy at the Drill Hall which is situated in Johannesburg’s inner-city. Bun and Bunee donated 10 full skateboard completes and accessories to their cause. Shortly after the donation a workshop took place, and kids from different backgrounds got together to be taught the basics of skateboarding, as well as the skateboard assembly process.

The skateboards are now available for the kids to use during the day, but they stay at the academy for the programme. Therefore, they can be used by many kids on an ongoing basis.

If you’re in Jo’burg you’re in luck cause Bun and Bunee will be at the next Linden Market on the 7th of May where they’ll be selling their goods and giving skate lessons to kids, so bring your skateboard along.


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