Say Howdee to Kronk’s Yankee Pig Dog



Kris Hewitt, better known as Kronk is an illustrator, toy designer and graphic artist who’s just traded “the mountain” for the misty (read dusty) mine dumps of Jo’burg.

His latest toy by Kid Robot is the The Yankee Pig Dog: Stealth Warfare edition.

“Stinking of freedom, this badass bulldog is 7-inches of vinyl and dons molded rivets, a flying cap and goggles, and jetpack. Paying homage to Labbit inventor Frank Kozik, Yankee Pig Dog sports a ‘stache worthy of the Red Baron. The Stealth Warfare Edition is black and wears a red, white and blue uniform, and is limited to only 900 pieces worldwide.”

You can order your own pig dog here.

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